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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day.

Drink a cold one for me, because I will be doing what father's But it is actually Sunday & I'm drinking now, so....I guess you will have to catch up.

My young friend's father is running for sheriff in Franklin County & he has turned his car into a driving billboard. I guess some father's have to endure the love of their offspring.

I just would like to make it through today, without having other peoples fecal matter spewed on me (like I did last night) Father's day always brings back the memories of the first time I inserted my finger into the diaper of the dreaded yellow mustard baby shit. Or having her throw up on me as I picked her up.

Having her sleep in a bassinet right next to me & checking a million times throughout the night, to make sure she was still breathing & then drag my ass off to work with no sleep, because I was worried to death that something was going to happen to her. Teaching her to walk, then wishing I hadn't, because of how fast she could get into anything. Wishing I could freeze time & always have her a baby, so she would never have to experience the crap that this world pitches at us every day.

The happiest moment I have ever encountered, was the day my daughter was born. I thought I was going to burst open, because I was filled with so much joy. I have done some pretty awesome things in my life & hope to do even more...but I have never reached that level since. I could tell you some of them & you would say, that is really cool. But believe me, nothing has come close.