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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I hate the media.

Lets be serious, if anyone of these piece of shit losers would have tried to mount the cow Clinton, you would see the coverage 24-7 for weeks. But try to kill Trump, they become a flash & then gone.

Of course, you would never see these types of characters attempt that on her or old pasty Bernie, because they are promising the idiots a money tree.

DiMassimo here, was all I'm a thug, but afterwards...more like, I'm a puss. I never intended to hurt anyone. Of course the communist news network (CNN) spun him to be a poor misunderstood individual (a Bernie supporter) I was just going to grab the microphone my ass.

Now we have Sandford. An illegal from Great Britain. Already I am seeing stories about how misunderstood he was, having to live in his car & all. His parents were separated since he was four & he has Aspergers and OCD.

Sure, lets make him out to be just a misguided youth. A piece of shit in my book.

Even on my phone, I am bombarded with anti-Trump propaganda just pouring in my news feeds. Do these folks really think I am swallowing all the garbage they are trying to stuff down the American peoples throats?

DiMassimo, who was calling himself Marlon an amateur actor student A.K.A. a leach living off of his parents money. He has been shone dragging the American flag around in videos & is nothing but a piece of shit. As for Sandford, pretty much the same. The old parents were shelling out money for his lazy ass as well. I guess they are like a lot of young folks today. Too lazy to work & have idiots for parents who keep enabling them by not being responsible people & showing them the importance of earning a living, instead of letting them think others will simply give them shit for free.

Here is  DiMassimo. Personally, I think he should be kicked out of the country. That, or have his teeth knocked out with a baseball bat. Try doing that to my flag around me & find out.