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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I'll help you pack.

I had typed up a long diatribe on this subject, only to delete it.

No matter what position you take on any subject, you wind up pissing someone off. Not that it bothers me to do so, because I am always the first person to stand up for someone or something that I believe is being wronged or is wrong. Although, here lately, I hesitate to get involved with personal crusades for individuals, because they always allow you to climb out on that tree limb for them....while they are down around the tree base, sawing the fucker down.

It's pretty simple. Either you are an American (not an African American, or any other.....insert another country's nationality before the American) or you are not. If you walk around waving another Countries flag, while standing in mine.... And burn my flag.....Then you might find yourself with that first flag, shoved up your worthless ass.

Love it, or leave it. Pretty simple.

I had a guy I like, that I work with, make a flippant remark last night, that he should look into moving to Canada. I told him I would help him pack. I did it in a friendly manner, but after he said that, I have lost all respect for him. Too many of my friends & family have made that ultimate sacrifice, defending the freedom we have & that most take for granted.