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Friday, June 17, 2016

It's a good idea.

For every stupid person walking the Earth, to get this carved right into their forehead. Because, when you see one coming, you can easily decide if you want to avoid them or entertain yourself by letting them talk to you.

They can have it done voluntarily (which would prove that they deserve it) Or they can earn it. I was writing a long example of individual cases, but the list kept getting longer & it would only have pissed the stupid people off & lets face it. They outnumber the intelligent by a huge number.

Everyone does something stupid in their life, at least once, but if no one around sees it, you get the chance to learn from it, or do the same stupid thing again. Like, voting for Obama twice.

Now, now, Virginia...Don't get the panties all bunched up in the crack. This is a satirical blog & you should never take me seriously. Besides, if you're stupid, you'll never understand the humor anyway.

Hell, I was married twice, so that just goes to show you that stupidity can slip through to anyone (of course I was inebriated & stoned both times) & both ladies were Catholic & had been married before...So at that time, they were excommunicated & neither of the marriages counted according to the church. (the state didn't see my logic though) But hey, as far as the Pope was concerned, I was taken advantage of by some pretty shady ladies.

On second thought, burning stupid on folks is probably not something I should endorse. If it was implemented many years ago, I would be the illustrated man.