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Friday, June 3, 2016

Not kidding...

It has been a crazy couple of weeks.

My broadband went down on Memorial Day & just got it back up yesterday morning. They wound up replacing my old splice box & cutting away the old wires that they had originally spliced together (not this tech, but a different one)

I got my back glass installed in the truck Wednesday morning. I'm glad I turned it into the insurance, because that vendor, gave me a quote for a plain Jane pane & installed a tinted one which he had ordered instead. Insurance picked up the difference after my deductible. I kind of like the tinted one, especially at night. It sure cuts the glare off of assholes who wait until they are five feet from your ass end, before they turn off their bright lights.

I went down to the cemetery Memorial Day, to cut it, but someone had already done it a few days before I showed up. I have no idea who did it, but I placed some wreaths, flags & did a little sprucing & left.

Since I couldn't get my glass installed until Wednesday, Tuesday, I drove the truck into work & parked behind the building where the public couldn't just climb into the cab. Yeah, I had quite a few guys ask me who I had pissed off to have that happen. I did learn something new though. Chevy just has a rubber seal on theirs, while the Ford is a hard plastic one that is bolted in. Chevy is easy to take out...the Ford...not so much.

Haven't had much sleep, but I just have to have a cold one.