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Friday, June 24, 2016

Rest in Peace.

In this age of literally, crap music, we have lost a man who I'll miss.

While this current world of idiots are praising, well lets face it, garbage music...Ralph Stanley just hasn't come up on TMZ. But the Stanley brothers....well, if you don't know them, all I can say is I might feel sorry for you.

Bluegrass is probably my favorite form of musical expression. I listen to all kinds, depending on what mood happens to strike me, but my soul is touched by the homespun tunes of bluegrass.

It takes me back to a different America. One in which I feel comfortable. When people had no confusion on which bathroom they needed to use. Hell, if you haven't ever had to use the outhouse, you will have no reference points to understand what of I speak.

There is a reason that Missouri grandfathered people who were born before 1968, from having to have a gun safety course. That is because we grew up with firearms & from birth, knew how to properly shoot & handle a weapon. Bluegrass tunes & hunting is weaved in our soul.

Think as you will, but I'll never go hungry & I'll never forget the good times of hog slaughtering in the fall, while the bluegrass was playing.

I'm slowly becoming a dying breed.