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Saturday, June 4, 2016


Love him or hate him, he has now left the planet.

There is quite a lot I could comment on the man, because my Pop was a fighter & growing up, I was taught that when diplomacy fails, whipping someones ass can do the trick. Actually, Dad always used his fists first & never allowed me to talk through disagreements. He was like, kick their ass. No other option, or feel the belt.

As I got older, I taught myself that you didn't have to win a situation with using only your fists.

As for Ali, I always thought he was stupid, because if he wouldn't have threw a big fit about not going to Vietnam, he wouldn't have deprived himself of boxing in his prime. They would have allowed him to do so during his hitch. (He never would have been in the jungle like the average soldier had to do) Citing religious reasons was a pretty good excuse, but not enough to ban him from boxing for close to three years. I mean, he didn't mind beating the shit out his fellow man, he just didn't want to take a chance at getting greased himself.

When that war happened, my Dad went down & tried to join, but because he had two little kids, they turned him down. His brother joined up though & went over there. So, I don't think Ali was a coward, I just think he was an ungrateful Idiot. Joe Lewis.... now there was a man who went to war & missed out of boxing in civilian contests during his prime. But they didn't put him on the front lines. He spent most of his time, fighting exhibition matches.

There was also the 1965 Phantom punch. Liston took a dive & boxing took a bad black eye. Was Ali a hell of a fighter? Without question. Was he the greatest? Not in my book.

He did do a lot of good things for people, but he also alienated quite a lot of others. "All Jews and gentiles are devils… Blacks are no devils… Everything black people doing wrong comes from [the white people]: Drinking, smoking, prostitution, homosexuality, stealing, gambling: It all comes from [the white people]"......Muhammad Ali.

So, one can understand why I might not shed any tears that he has exited the ring. But, that is just one man's opinion.