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Thursday, June 9, 2016

So smooth..

Even radar misses me.

This election, is causing some people to show their true colors & they are really nasty. I have decided tonight that I will vote my way & if the election comes out shitty & the country starts sliding even farther into the toilet....Well, it isn't my fault that there is so many retarded folks voting.

I actually believe that we as a nation, should have a stringent aptitude test & only those who pass can vote. The rest can suck it. Like, if you think Herbert Hoover was the inventor of the vacuum, your too stupid to vote.

Or, if you have no idea how many states there are in our country...Wait a minute....Obama said in his campaign that he had been in 57 states with one more to go.... So, is he too stupid to be president? Well, I thought so, but hey, I didn't vote for him. Too bad there isn't an aptitude test for those who want to run for president as well.

I guess I would be happy if they started at a more achievable goal, say...if your not actually a citizen of the country, you can't vote. Or, if you are actually dead, you can't vote. Or an even easier can only vote once.

And by the way, if your gonna sing our Nation's anthem, how about not sucking. Of course, it was in front of a bunch of lemmings, so they probably just thought she was tired & had just come back from the 57th state.