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Friday, July 29, 2016

Anyone else tired of it yet?

I'm so sick of politicians & their commercials. Can they really not know that we can see when they are lying? Or, that if we are truly interested, we wouldn't bother to check up on their claims?

One sentence that when it is uttered by anyone running for anything, that instantly turns me off is this: The career politicians (of which I'm not) have done this & I can fix it. If you have had another office & or have been feeding at the public trough before you decided to run for the current position you think you're qualified for.... well, that makes you a career politician. Not to mention a liar. Of which there are quite a few, who seem to think we just will all forget how you voted or behaved in the past, when issues demanded attention.

Of course, this country is full of idiots who vote for someone, because they like the way they look, or because they think they will pay their mortgage or fill their car up with gas. Wasting your time on trying to educate these types of folks, is simply an exercise in futility. Don't get me started on folks who vote for people based on their gender or race alone.

I would love to have a televised talk show, that I would call: Are You A Fucktard? I would invite all kinds of interesting people (who had the balls to come on) & discuss issues of the day. The first time I caught them lying, there would be a siren go off & flashing red lights & I would then turn to them & say, Yes, you are most certainly a fucktard & have them escorted out of the studio. Of course, there would be lots of talk & shows where issues could be discussed openly (especially if they know what will happen if they are caught lying) That would open up all kinds of exposure to these people who feel the need to have the public accept them.

Now, there are most certainly fucktards who would earn the moniker, simply by what they believe, & I wouldn't really want them as a guest, because they probably wouldn't make it to the first commercial.

(disclaimer: This blog is simply for sarcastic humorous blather. If offended, please feel free to go out & try to find the real killers of O.J. Simpson's ex wife & boyfriend. I'm sure they must be on a golf course somewhere)