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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Back in the saddle.

Woke up yesterday & all the aches & pains I had while I was off...were gone. Guess I just overworked myself & needed some time to heal up.

That's what happens when you work like you are 23 instead of 53. But I'm still hanging in there. Can't tell you about the list of stupid things that were waiting on me, but I dealt with them.

Kilwa Jones, is the piece of shit who shot & paralyzed Christopher Sanna as he & his family left a Cardinals game. They allowed him to make a plea agreement & as he left the court yesterday, he winked at Sanna, as he sat in the wheelchair that he will be condemned to for the rest of his life. He pleaded guilty & awaits sentencing, but did so, to avoid more stringent charges.

His lawyer was Scott Rosenblum. I'm just throwing out my personal opinion, but this lawyer is the epitome of every slimy joke that has cast a pall on that profession. I can't express my disgust at this individual enough. As for Jones...Well, I have always thought that punishment should fit the crime & will never waver from that belief. I think he should be shot & have to spend the rest of his life in the same circumstances as Mr. Sanna.

As far as attending a Cardinals game? Well, since they don't allow someone like me to come down & spend my hard earned money & have my concealed hand gun on me (I have a permit) I'll not lose any sleep in not giving them any of my money. I'll watch them on TV, or listen on the radio.

I won't go where I'm not going to be safe & or, not be able to defend myself if the need arises. And no matter what crap the media or the city officials spew, St. Louis is a shithole full of criminals who know that they can inflict whatever they like on dumb ass folks who believe they are safe, because the Mayor says it is. Now, you may disagree, but I have worked & been all over the city & it's municipalities. I know people who have been killed while they were trying to just earn a living there. I have had many a close call myself.

People know what the problems are & they know how to fix it. But until the good people finally get tired & take back what the slime currently have...You will continue to hear of folks getting shot & killed every day on the news in the Lou.

But I won't be one of them. You can bet your ass on that.