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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Can you say freaking hot?

I was slammed with all kinds of calls last night, but when it's around a hundred degrees & I have someone telling me they are cold......

I just whip out my magic wand & do my best Gandalf... & save the day once again.

You know, I have friends who I went to school with, who are throwing their hats into this election cycle. Well, good for them, but as for me...I'm just not into trying to placate every dillhole this side of the moon.

Elections are simply popularity contests if you think about it. Hell, if I wanted to, I could do the same & get elected if I tried hard enough. But within the last year, I realized, that I don't like everybody & really don't care if everybody likes me.

I'm comfortable with my views & if elected, I wouldn't care about trying to do anything for someone who didn't agree with me. So, it wouldn't be fair to say I would represent those folks, who I really thought were douches. I'm honest, & politics are best suited for dreamers (who think they can effect change) or liars (who are only going to do things that benefit their agenda)

I have reached the age where I know that reality trumps (no pun intended) naive individuals. I have waded into that pool of...I can save the world. Trust me...You can't. But, if you have the need to experience the full frontal of dealing with every inbred genetic deficient.... God bless you!

Me, I would rather have the freedom to tell those I don't like to piss off.