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Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth!

On the way into work yesterday, all I saw was cops. They were on their way to somewhere, or sitting shooting radar, or working accidents.

When I get in, the young dude on days, had gotten yet another speeding ticket coming in in the morning. I was like, dude, it is the fourth weekend, you had to know these guys would be all over (plus, pissed because they have to work)

But here is the kicker. This young guy was heading off on deployment right after work yesterday. Today, he flies to Slovakia for around 5 weeks. Now, I understand that I was only hearing one side of the story (which can be very biased) but the cop took his driver license, after he told him he was going to be leaving the country the next day. He already had the ticket & told the cop he would just go pay the fine.

Long story short, the officer was being a complete dick to this guy (who use to be a cop I might add) He didn't mention that to him, because he said he wanted to see how a regular person was treated (see, he knows that certain individuals can get treated differently) But he told me, now he understands why Joe average may have a different perspective on Johnny law, than those in the club.

Oh, I believe there was more to it (some circumstances that I believe might be a mitigating factor) but I'm not at liberty to disclose those. They have no bearing on the young guys behavior (if he was telling me the true skinny)

Of course, it could have been avoidable. Like, leaving your house earlier, so you don't have to drive fast & when driving, simply obey the posted limit...But, it doesn't excuse the officers behavior. I asked this guy, did he have a body camera on? The answer was yes. So, unless it was turned off, this should be interesting to see how it plays out. Because this young dude is pissed about it & he isn't stupid when it comes to knowing the law. 

I won't find out about the outcome until he gets back.