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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Heat & rain.

I'll take the rain & cooler temps myself, but driving while surrounded by idiots...Well, you can't have everything I guess.

Oprah tried to tell people that 50 was better than 40. Well, let me clue anyone who isn't anywhere near that number...she is a liar. After 35, you will start to notice things changing. After 50, you will feel them changing.

It is what it is. I spent the night climbing up & down a ladder, changing out bulbs in these fixtures that no one wants to address. (they are a real bitch) Hey, after a minute (as my Black friends like to say) You get real good at it. And while I'm not dead yet...I do OK as long as I'm moving. If I sit down.... Screw it, it's time to pop a cold one & I'm done. So...I just keep moving until I can leave.

A body in motion....

Oh, & another thing. When the alarm goes off & you have to drag your hung over ass out of bed...That is what separates the men from the boys, because it takes real effort to not pick the phone up & call & say, I have Colo-rectal glaucoma. (I just can't see my ass coming into work today.)

So, for anyone who isn't near that half century mark, don't fuck with those who are there or over. Just a friendly public service announcement. Because they really don't give a shit about what might be yanking your chain. They are more focused on...Been there, done that.

I also would like to see some chick named Gina, kick the living shit out of Bon Jovi.