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Monday, July 25, 2016

If I make it that far...

I went & visited with my grandmother, who was admitted to a rehab facility, to make sure she is able to go back home & kick it large.

She fell while attempting to sit on a stool last week, in a book store & while she didn't break anything, she bruised the hell out of her hip on one side.

It looks like they are going to let her go home Wednesday, but until then, these gals have been making sure she can do everything she needs to do, to be able to kiss the skilled nursing adios.

Now, let me tell you something...this lady is sharper than many people I encounter on a daily basis who are lots younger than she is. The body may wear out as we get up there, but if I have her gene...then I will be telling people to suck it for many a more year.

She has lost much of the patience that we are suppose to have, but as she was telling a young lady that while I was there, I thought.... I don't remember her having much patience when I was a kid. When I climbed her cherry tree (that she told me not to) & fell out & knocked the wind out of me.... My sister couldn't wait to snitch me out, & she had no problem, taking a switch to my non-breathing ass....

But, as I hugged her & kissed her, those thoughts of an ass whipping (I probably had coming) were way on the back burner. I couldn't be happier spending my day visiting with her & I wouldn't trade it for all the tea in China.

And if any of my friends go see her before they let her go home, I fully deny any of the stories she may tell you of me as a child. Remember, old folks like to embellish the truth.