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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Let the sun....

Shine down on me...

I spent the day cutting grass & chopping down trees & trimming weeds. Then, I climbed under the truck & changed the oil.

Not bad for an old dog in the intense heat. I was going to go & cut the tree, sitting in the old man's back yard, but he said, screw it, lets wait until the weather is cooler. Works for me.

My Grandmother, was at a bookstore the other day & as she was going to sit down on a stool, she missed & crashed in the floor. So, they had to take her to a rehab facility, to make sure she can use her legs, before they let her go back to her apartment. If you can, flip her a prayer, because she is not happy, not being able to go home.

Lets just say, she threw a fit. She didn't break anything, just a bruise, so the prognosis is good. Hey, when you're 90, you have a tendency to want to tell people to piss off. Not my Grandma, but hell, I'm not near that age & I want to do that now. I stopped by that bookstore today & wound up finding twenty dollars worth of books I have been looking for.

No, I didn't fall off a stool, but I thought about reenacting it just to see what they would do. Especially when the owner started to tell me the ending to the series I have been reading. I stopped him & said, give me a break dude.

Everyone is so ready to let the air out of your balloon these days.

Time for another cold one as I wind the heated core down....