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Friday, July 15, 2016


All over, we are seeing pieces of walking human excrement, doing horrible things. The only way we will ever put a stop to the violence is to be armed & shoot them dead when they start.

I heard someone say on the radio, that there was nothing they could do. Really? Well lets see...How did they eventually stop this asshole in France yesterday? They shot & killed him.

If they try this anywhere I am, you can bet, I will empty my clip into them. And I want you to think real hard about listening to the pukes who want to take away your right to be armed when something like this happens. Screw the politicians & the Hollywood fecal matter. They have hired bodyguards who are armed, to protect their lives.

The police can only do so much. By and large, they are reactive, not pro active. Because you won't see a fucker open up in a roomful of armed officers. They choose soft targets, knowing that the odds are in their favor that no one there will be carrying.

So grieve for those who were killed. But don't emulate their situation. Clean house of the assholes in the Government who simply think that by taking away your weapons, they will keep you safe. They are as stupid as the day is long. So many shootings should have by now, prompted the intelligent folks, to get armed & trained & ready for anything that might happen. The days of being able to leave your doors unlocked at night have long disappeared.

We live in a world of dog eat dog. Don't be dog food.