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Monday, July 18, 2016

My dad was a cop.

Until he got tired of low pay, long hours, no support from the community & basically, so many bullshit rules that tied his hands to do what he signed up to do. Serve & protect. That was back in the late sixties.

Sometimes he ponders over whether he made the right decision in changing careers, but he says, he would never want to be a cop these days. It is a hundred times worse.

I won't say where this picture is located, but I'm guessing this little section of b-line has caught more than a few folks who haven't been paying attention.

So, let me comment on all the police shootings in the last week or so. They have all been committed by Black guys. So, all you stupid assholes walking around with the Black lives matter or hands up bullshit...You can guess what I think about those movements. These Blacks, have killed Black cops as well as Whites or other ethnic groups.

Get a fucking life will yeah. I have Black friends & I don't like them because they are Black. I like them because of who they are, not the color of their skin. I like all people that are decent, & I couldn't give a dead rats ass for anyone who is simply garbage.

Hey, I get it. Your friends don't try to put you in prison & yes, there are people wrongly convicted of crimes. But if you think that I'll have any sympathy for you if you walk on an interstate to shut it down (trying to stop decent people from going to work or other destinations) you must have a hole in your head. Eight years of a Black President in the White House hasn't caused us all to spend the majority of our day, standing around hugging each other, now has it.

Not one day goes by, where I do not see a Black on Black murder committed in North St. Louis. When that shit stops, I might actually start to care about the supposed "targeting" of innocent Blacks. Do yourselves a favor. Get a life & do what you can to better the community & family. Quit trying to make me care about shit that I have no involvement in.