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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Riding the storm out.

It was one of those days. A big ass storm passed through our area & I was at work just living the dream... My folks called & told me a huge ass tree behind their house fell & just missed crashing into the house by about five feet. Their electric was off at the time & they were down in the barn, watching the storm.

I got a hold of my sister & asked her to drive by & check out my house as she was going home. All around me, big ass trees were giving up the ghost, but none had crashed into my garage or house. Of course it was way dark when I got home, but I walked around with a flashlight & I'm glad I spent the money to down the big trees in my yard.

Now, my neighbors...They are the ones who put that shit off & I still have one behind the garage that needs to come down, but the property owner just continues to neglect it. Years ago, we had a tornado come through & that tree fell on the garage. I didn't bitch, just climbed up & cut it off, because I was getting ready to put a new roof on anyway. But instead of him cutting it down, it grew to the point that it will now cause some serious damage if it ever goes. Hopefully, it will fall the other direction & crash on his rental. It would be poetic justice.

The lady who lives behind me, has a huge old walnut tree & some of it's branches snapped off & were on her old out building. When that big bastard ever goes, it is simply a matter of where it falls, as to who gets crushed. I love thunderstorms....I just don't care for devastation & flooding.

I guess you can throw in death & dismemberment as well.