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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Two days...

Of partying & eating. The Sister threw one for my birthday, which is tomorrow, & we played shoes & drank some cold ones.

Then today, the folks had a barbecue over at their house & we did some more.

So, to actually celebrate my day, Monday, I'm going to try to work off all the beer I consumed by cutting the grass & trimming weeds. Of course, I'm way behind on beer work off chores, but I'll do my best. Everyone brought me some beer, which means I had a shit load of it. So, trying to stay away from it can be hard. Especially when you hear them calling you to drink them.... "Drink Me"!

I spent Thursday night, climbing up & down ladders all night at work, & for the last three days, that shit paid me back. My left hip feels like someone beat me with a bat.

Carpe diem Dammit!!!!