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Friday, August 5, 2016

Can people change?

Sure they can.

Do people change?

Sometimes, that is also true. But like I told a friend yesterday, when you bring me some news, that any one of the individuals Obama has released, has contributed to society in a positive manner...I'll change my tune.

I'm betting that the majority of them, will continue to commit crimes, just as soon as they hit the streets. What is the sense of releasing individuals who have killed people. They are simply paying the price for what they did. I'm not going to have any sympathy for anyone who gets sentenced to life for killing an innocent person (in fact, if it was up to me, I would hang them in a public square, to show everyone, that this is the price you pay, when you victimize innocent people)

Of course, there are folks who say, I'm just a heartless bastard. Well, until you experience violent crime up close & personal, you can just shut the hell up. And those who have their child, wife, or parent murdered & can say, they can forgive the person for doing it? Well, I'll buy you a beer, but don't think that I will be so gracious if it is my family member. I will hunt them down & kill them slowly if I get the opportunity. (take that to the bank)

So, go ahead & applaud the president as he lets more people out of prison. I only hope that if they decide to again commit a violent act, it happens to be one of you who thought it was a good idea. That is called poetic justice.

I have personally witnessed an individual, who was incarcerated for murdering a person & then after twenty years, they were released. This individual targeted some decent guys, who were having a beer in a park, after working all day. He stabbed one in the head & ran another over with a car. Both of them died. I was there, while they tried to save one of the men's life. It wasn't a pretty scene & it was even more tragic, when they asked him why he did it.

Seems, he enjoyed living in prison & being "free" he didn't want to do what most people do. Work for a living. He wanted to go back into prison, & figured, if he killed someone else, they would never let him out. Of course, with the way our society is slanting, he knew they wouldn't kill him for it. Just allow him to go back to others feeding him & housing him & giving him medical treatment when he needed it.

Some people simply do not deserve to walk the planet, whether you acknowledge it or like it.