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Sunday, August 28, 2016


I am reading a trilogy & in the middle of the second book, right at the end of chapter 17...the publisher sticks in a wad of story from a Star Wars book. Then it starts chapter 20.

I spent last night looking for a pdf file of the two missing chapters. Which turned out to be integral to the story. Finally, I found one & was able to read them & continue.

Then yesterday, the douche Colin Kaepernick, decided to not stand during our national anthem. Which is bad enough, but then telling the world why he didn't... What a piece of shit.

This country has allowed him to achieve so much & make no mistake, I'll buy the puke a ticket to anywhere he would rather call home. As a matter of fact, I'll challenge him to walk his punk ass through a few choice North St. Louis neighborhoods in street clothes at night. He can find out first hand what it's like to wind up lying in the street, because it wouldn't take long.

Trust me, if he was playing for a football team I owned, he would be looking for employment elsewhere. When some asshole does what he does (and he is in the public eye) He is spitting on those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for losers like him to get paid to play a sport.

I hope the fans of San Francisco send such a message to the owners that they as proud Americans, will not accept this behavior & they fire his ass. I did not like the response the team posted afterwards & don't be surprised if during the coming season....that old Colin finds quite a few opponents going for those knees in sacking his ass.

I predict some pain is probably headed his way on the field. I just hope I can watch it live & in color.