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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Go vote...

Don't bitch, if you don't participate. Lets quit handing over these positions to ignorant assholes who don't care.

I look at this way...Would I feel comfortable sitting around a campfire, drinking a cold one with this individual? If not, then they can't have my support or my vote.

I use to work with an old dude who always voted for the challenger, not the incumbent. I asked him why. He told me, they have had enough time to skim as much money as they can, it's time for someone else to have their turn screwing us. There is some wisdom in that statement I guess, but I still want to believe that there are folks who truly care about those who they want to represent.

 I only think that way after I have had a few beers, because otherwise, I don't believe anything anyone says. It says something about the way of the world, when most political office seekers are lawyers. Nobel profession? More like leeches with no idea of what ethics are.

Guess I haven't had enough brews yet.