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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

it's starting to be that kind of day.

No my day has not been going well so far. So these morons think that they should get $15 an hour to work at a fast food restaurant?

They can't even get your order correct or make proper change or pretty much do anything correctly. Case in point? I  stopped at Taco Bell and I ordered a number 6 beef with a Diet Mountain Dew. I also ordered 3 mini quesadillas beef. The moron rang up chicken quesadillas and over charged me $3. I tried to correct him but figured that I had to do it in person at the window.
When I got there, the Idiot still couldn't understand when I told him 10 times that I did not want chicken.  I made him do the math over and finally got him to get the total correct then when he brought me my order he assured me that it was the correct one. I pulled over into a parking space and sure enough the quesadillas were chicken.

I  went into the restaurant and wanted to speak to the manager. This idiot kept asking me if I wanted chicken ones instead. I told him no I don't want chicken in anything that is the problem. After 10 minutes of talking to this moron they finally brought me 3 beefy quesadillas.

As  I was driving down the highway and consumed those three.  then I pull out the rest of my order only to find that the chalupas had chicken in them as well.

It's not rocket science, but it certainly isn't going to get you $15 an hour. I believe I'm done eating fast food anymore. I'll just start cooking at home and bringing my own lunch to work, because I'm going to wind up choking some moron to death.