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Friday, August 12, 2016

Never see it coming.

That is what happens to us all the time. One day everything is fine, the next....

You can do all you can to plan for something, but no matter what you try, you never are prepared for what life throws at you. I quit trying to make plans years ago. I just live every day as it comes.

You come into this world with nothing & leave it the same way. People worry about all kinds of trivial things, & they sometimes never understand what is truly important, until it is too late. But life goes by in a flash. You can't roll it back, but wouldn't that be a cool thing to be able to do?

Man, the things I would do different. And anyone who says they wouldn't change a thing...Well, I don't want them around me, because they are freaking liars. Everyone, has something that they wish they could have done differently. Some folks lists are just shorter than others.

I guess that is what makes us human. Caring enough to want to change what we found out was a mistake we made. I roll back to a memory when we on the football team, dunked a dude (no names) head first in a toilet full of turds. Picked him up & vertically held him upside down & in he went. Yeah, it was what we called bonding back in the day.

Of course, that isn't something I would change, but it would be cool to do it again.