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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

No kidding.

Sometimes, there is simply no way to be on the correct side of an issue. Because, you can see the good & bad on both sides of the people who are asking you to do or not to do something for them.

If you are in a position of autonomy, then it is simply a matter of moral ethics that can determine the outcome of the decision you have to make. Of course, if you are a piece of slime, that makes it easy as well. You simply do what is right to make you look good. Screw everyone else.

When you are under the responsibility of others, then you are at their whim, as to what the outcome will be, unless you decide that they are as useful as a used condom. Then, you buck their decision & roll the dice you won't get fired for insubordination.

I use to do what was right, no matter what the rules were or who told me what to do. A conscience decision & I dealt with the aftermath. Usually it wound up being a negative outcome for me. Even when they knew what I did was the correct thing, they felt the need to condemn me, because it was a way to try to keep me under their control. (you don't get paid to make those decisions Joe)

These days, I just contact the individual who gets paid to make the decision & lay it in their lap. They don't like it, because when I just went ahead & did the right thing, they could always dump on me, if someone over their head didn't like the way it was handled. I have learned that it isn't my job to save the world or those who inhabit it.

Even though I may not like it, because I grew up just knowing I was a super hero & could make a difference. I have gained a slice of contentment being able to say, I'm sorry, you will have to contact so & so & whatever they decide, will be the course of action we will take.

Oh, there are exceptions. lets be real. The Nazis tried that shit at Nuremberg. I was just following orders. It didn't keep them from dancing on the end of a rope.