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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Not everything sucks.

If you wake up in the morning & everything works, then, no matter what kind of crap you have to encounter...It should be a good day.

I have to remind myself at times, that it is simply a blessing to be able to have to listen to someone bitch about their situation (even when I could care less) I use to try to put myself in others shoes, but after a certain age..You quit doing that & pretty much look at them & think, you put yourself in this situation, because of the stupid ass things you did. But hey...who knows...By listening to them, perhaps you can avoid winding up in the same predicament. (even though you know you would never do such a stupid thing)

Or...not anymore, because if we all piled up the stupid shit we did (no matter for the Nobelist of reasons) we would be lost in a maze of self deprecating situations. Unless you happen to be a ten year old who stumbled upon this post. Don't have many years ahead of you, creating moments you will later reflect upon as questionable.

So...Every day, wake up & thank God & go out & try to not screw someone over. Try to be a decent individual & when some dillhole, pisses you off... Smile & don't give them the satisfaction of knowing they just made your...I'm going to kill you if I ever wind up with cancer list.