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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Power Bumps...

I was getting call after call last night & the rain creeped in & BAM.

Power bump & I was really busy, restarting equipment & fielding calls. People never think much about the guy who makes their life comfortable...Until they become uncomfortable. Then, you become number one on the hit parade.

I'll tell you this much, I'm working way too cheap. Running over to the old man's house three days in a row & going to work, I haven't had much sleep & only having two guys to cover a huge campus & offsite buildings...Man, I'm starting to turn into a whiny ass bitch.

I was coming off the roof, after restarting an air handler & this fellow employee stopped me & thanked me for stopping this alarm that was going off as I was making my way down each floor. I looked at her & said, that was in an elevator pit in the basement & you heard it all the way up here? We were on the fourth floor. She said yeah, it was driving me nuts.

I told her, are you sure you're not a mutant? She laughed, but I told her, I pity anyone who might want to talk bad about you, because honey, you have the best hearing I have ever seen.

I'll bet she wouldn't hear me if I told her to go fix me a sandwich though.