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Friday, August 26, 2016

Smoking a dog turd in Hell.

I used to like Carlin. Back in the day, he had some funny shit & he expressed himself in an intelligent manner, to bring you around to the punch line.

But, as he got older, he simply turned into an old angry prick.

And, what he tossed out there as humor, wasn't funny at all. It was hostile & centered around how can I shock the audience & piss them off. While I make them work to laugh, because I just charged them an ass load of money, to come see me be an old angry prick.

I think he started to change sometime after his second heart attack. I have all his material (because I collect comedy albums) & the nature of vitriol just poured out of him from around that time, until he went to meet God, who he chucked to the side years before. (I would have loved to been at that meeting)

And now, 8 years after he was roasted & scattered all around venues he use to perform at..they are releasing some cut material. It was done so, because it was so deemed offensive at the time (but hey, he is long gone & lets make some money off of his dead ass)

Everything in life is subjective when you really think about it. But my best guess is Carlin is probably not where he would rather be right about now.