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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Things that shouldn't happen.

Remaking The Rocky Horror Picture show for one thing. Sorry you missed out on it the first time around, but nothing will replace the midnight showings at the old long gone Varsity theater. Making a new one & putting it on TV...Well, I quit watching main stream television years ago. Everything pretty much sucks on there.

Making Bad Santa 2: The first one blew & Walt Disney, (if he does have his head frozen somewhere) will kick some major ass if he ever gets thawed out. Poetic justice would be him shooting Billy Bob while singing the theme from Old Yeller.

Oh, the list can go on & on, because there are many things that shouldn't happen. Yet, every day, I hear of some stupid crap which only reinforces my belief that quite a lot of folks are simply taking up space.

Whats that Lassie? Hillary is in the well? Leave her there. Remember what happens to people if you get too close to those will wind up getting run over by a car & they will say you committed suicide.

As Dr. Smith use to say...Oh the pain....