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Thursday, August 4, 2016

To my Democratic friends...

Are you ever going to seriously wake up to the reality that you support the party that has done nothing to better your life, except to promote the control of it.

When my Pop & me sit down & get to drinking, he decides to engage me in political debate. It doesn't matter what kind of facts I may inject into the discussion, he always falls back on simply this: I will vote Democratic, because they are for the poor man, while the Republicans are for the rich. So, how do you penetrate this mind set? Well, lets be real...You don't.

No matter how much I try to put across my political perspective, he really doesn't want an intelligent conversation. All he wants to do, is see me get frustrated. When I finally figured him out, I quit letting him bait me into the corner, so he can enjoy me getting all flustered. Sometimes, the smart individual, knows when to say, see you later, I have other shit I have to take care of.

Now, it isn't so bad if you have an old lady who disagrees with you on political issues. That makes a nice case of hate sex later in the evening. This is where women are far smarter than men. They do shit to piss you off, like taking an opposing view on pretty much anything, so you will be all pissed off when you are in the drivers seat. I don't have to explain this. If you are in the dark, as to what I am referring to (sucks to be you) Plus, you are are clueless & your old lady knows how to Pinocchio your ass.

Didn't take long for me to go from a topic I was going to espouse on, to drift into the cow pasture.