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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Where did the day go?

Went over to the parents house & had lunch & visited with them. Then stopped at the sisters house. All day long, I was bombarded by mosquitoes.

The little bastards ate me up.

Saw my neighbor trying to cut down some weeds, so after she left, I went over & cleared them out for her. Got paid back by getting bitten by mosquitoes.... Was down at the old man's barn, got ate up.

Was over at the sisters... another repeat performance...Come, lets feast on this dumb ass. I never have any problems with the damn things, but was open season on me. I hope all the beer I consumed today, causes every one of the little fuckers to fly into someones bug zapper.

At least I didn't get bit on Mr. Johnson. That would be hard to explain as I was trying to scratch him. Nothing to look at here folks, move along....