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Monday, August 1, 2016

Yeah, it's been hot.

Was out on the side of a building yesterday, changing lights & they all had just gave up the ghost from the heat.

I like & hate working weekends. I have no bosses to get in the way & I can get a lot of shit done, but then again, I encounter people who make me wonder if their parents are brother & sister.

Example: This phone isn't working in room such & such... Me: Are you sure it isn't plugged in wrong? The Crackhead: I have worked here 9 years & I think I know how to plug a phone in. Me: OK, I'll be right up.

Yup, the phone is plugged in wrong & in three seconds I exit the room & tell her, all fixed Miss 9 year employee. I know you are too young to actually know how to use a land line, but when you get all offended because I question that, then perhaps you can look back at this episode & remember that inferring the maintenance man is an ass.... well you are correct, I am, but I can at least plug a phone in correctly.

Sad thing is, that biatch is probably making three times what I am working on a Sunday. I was waiting for her to toss that in my face, but she just said...that is why they pay you the big bucks.

God is popping a cold one & laughing right now.

Well played Lord....