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Friday, September 9, 2016


Did the 6 month cleaning & they were so backed up, I had to come back later. As they prodded around in my mouth (they had to do x-rays) they started telling me that I'm really losing lots of bone.

My teeth look great, but they want me to go see a periodontist. He said, now Joe, are you going to go see her? Well, will she hurt me? Yup, he said...Well, hell, I'll call her as soon as I leave here then.

Hey, if she takes my insurance & doesn't want to castrate me to save my teeth, I might give her a try, but what the hell....I'm not going to live forever.

He asked me, you do like to eat don't you? Yeah, & I like to drink as well. Don't need teeth for that. A song popped into my head when he was telling me about the reasons why I should go.

here I sit with a cold one, drawing on a smoke.