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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Getting ready....

Got the call today that the trolling motor was in. So I took a trip down South & picked it up.

We installed it & are planning on an excursion on yet another lake, probably Sunday (because it is suppose to rain the next few days)

I think my neighbor has been stealing my mail. being a busy person, I haven't actually caught them in the act, but I'm pretty sure that is the case. Gonna have to put the fear of Joey in their ass. It seems they are raiding my box & taking out coupons for fast food restaurants. Hey, if your going to take my shit, how about ponying up & paying the bills you fucks.

If I catch them in the act, I'm going to beat someone's ass. They watch & see me leaving. Guess I'm going to have to be sneaky & teach someone a lesson on neighbor etiquette.

Popping over the fence from the bushes with a loaded pistol pointed in their face might get the message across.

Fat fucking cow. Like she needs a discount for Captain D's. More like a lifetime membership to Jenny Craig.