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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It got hot.

It started off bad. I drove all the way over to Pop's house & forgot the bait. I had to drive back home, but when I got there, I had to take the biggest dump in the worst way...(broccoli & cheese) So, it wasn't a bad thing after all. Beats being in the middle of the lake & shitting your pants.

We caught a mess of fish around this size, but decided that they were too small & didn't keep any. Pop was spunt before noon, so we tied up to the dock & ate some barbecue & then bailed. When we got home we realized that we looked like rock lobsters.

It was windy & cool while we were on the lake, but the sun was baking us just the same. We ran into this old boy loading up his pontoon & he said it was a madhouse there yesterday & the lake is still not turned over, due to all the water traffic. He said the jet skis were everywhere.

We were thinking about going tomorrow, but it is going to be as hot as it was today & Pop just can't take the heat anymore. As soon as we got to his house, he plopped in his recliner & was off to dream land.

He caught the first, I caught the most & the biggest.

On the way home, I stopped & picked up some more beer & the guy waiting on me was mesmerized by this big titted Blonde. I waited till she went out to pump her gas & I could pay him & not get screwed because his tongue was in the way. He looked at me & I said, yeah, just remember, somewhere, someone is tired of putting up with her shit. He laughed & said, he had never heard that before. I told him, son, the advice is free, been there done that.