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Friday, September 2, 2016

It's a toss up....

As to what state harbors the worst drivers. But as far as a daily commute & my experiences, Illinois drivers are pretty damn bad.

270 was shut down between Olive & Page (I knew that, hours & many miles before I got there) They had a gas leak at a home that was being rehabbed. But as I got on the highway, I saw that traffic was moving well. So, I figured that I could get off at Ladue & not have any problems.

If I would have bailed at 40 & got on Ballas, I would have had not a bad drive, but just that last minute mistake at missing that exit.... Caused me a half an hour, just to get off. This guy... from Illinois, didn't give a shit about merging etiquette (not many people do these days) And he just came on & was going to hit me if I didn't allow him in. Now, the highway was closed, just the next exit up...But apparently, he didn't know or give a shit. So I let the dillhole in front of me, but it wasn't his turn, seeing that I just let another person merge in front of me. He was suppose to let me advance & get behind....But  assholes....

He did the same thing to everyone else as he just plowed over to the fast lane, to wait. I was off, he was still sitting in that lane, because he was going to have to plow over back to the right, when he eventually made it to Olive.

My whole day was kind of like...running into dicks. I am going to start another blog & name it Dick of the day, & post pictures of idiots I see, doing things that earn them the title. I was mulling that idea earlier, when I saw a dick, park in the handicap space at the post office & nothing was wrong with his ass. I was going to confront him, but decided that I would just head into work instead. Then I started running into more of the same & the idea popped into my head.

I'll just shame them so the whole world can see what dicks they are.