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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Now I remember why....

I don't care for Chinese food.

Mom & Dad wanted to take my sister to a Chinese buffet down in Farmington for her birthday, so off we went.

It started screaming to exit my colon, halfway through the meal. When we made it back to their house, it decided to try a different approach to my torture & came out the other way.

I made it home & I have been spending so much time with my toilet, we are probably now dating.

If I would have just stayed with stuffed mushrooms, I would have been fine, but I decided to be adventurous... What they said was crab, is very doubtful & some steamed shrimp left my palate as soon as I shoved it in.

I had to stop typing & just returned from my girlfriend. I'm pretty sure that last batch was cat.

Time to open a cold one & try to drown whatever is running around the nether lands, before it winds up ripping through my chest like Alien.