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Friday, September 30, 2016

Rest In Peace.

Last night at work, I got a text from a cousin, that her brother Matt, had passed away from Cancer.

I never met Matt in person, but thanks to the internet & me doing my family tree, I was able to hook up with them a few years ago & we have been staying in touch that way.

We got pretty close & shared a lot in the short time we had. He just turned 56 on the 17th.

I see quite a lot of death & have experienced lots of close family & friends go. The older you live, the more you are going to have to deal with that situation. It never gets any easier.

I once had a conversation with a Nun,whose job was to console the bereaved, then she had to ask them if they would donate the deceased body for organ transplants. I told her, that had to be the hardest thing anyone had to do. She wasn't in the least bit put off. She told me it was her calling in life. She has since passed on.

Every night, when I get home, I stop in the darkest part of my lawn & just look up into the starry sky & marvel at God's beauty & just decompress. Thursday morning, the day Matt left, I knew he was getting sicker, but I didn't know how close he was to passing. As I looked in the sky, I saw a long shooting star, arc across the heavens. I thanked God & went on in the house.

Drinking a cold one to you Matthew. I'll see you in person one day.