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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Some days just blow.

Yesterday, I got the tires rotated & paid my cell phone up for another year. We couldn't go fishing, because it wound up raining the entire day & all freaking night.

We are going in the morning, but this morning, I got up early, to knock out some last minute crap. In the back of my yard, was a kitten, lying there by the fence. It wasn't moving, so I went to check on it.

It was barely alive & I went inside & opened a can of chicken & went back to it & tried to get it to eat something. It was acting like it had gotten a hold of some poison. I couldn't get it eat or drink anything.

In a short while, it died.

I buried it in the back yard. I have no idea where it came from or why it ended up in my yard, but I hate when shit like that happens. I have saved many a stray animal in my time & this is exactly why I don't have any pets anymore. I felt really bad as I was digging it's grave & it was only around me a short time.

I absolutely hate irresponsible pet owners. I won't get on a soap box, but if you are going to have a pet, take care of the damn thing. Get them the shots they need & neuter their ass if you are going to let them run all over the neighborhood instead of keeping them where they belong....That would be, in your yard, not mine.