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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tales of a fisherman...

I got roasted by the sun...I caught a lot of Bluegill. We had a really good time...Then...

I let the old man off at the dock & he went to get the truck. I fired up the motor & eased it into the trailer...The only thing wrong was, he didn't pull up the trolling motor & I didn't think to check.

As I eased up into the the slot, I encountered a sudden stop. I went to the front of the boat & saw what the problem was. I pulled it up, but I had bent the shaft on the trailer. We got the boat secured & exited the water & when we got to his house, he cleaned the fish as I started working on fixing the housing that was all bent the shit out of shape.

I was able to extract the housing clamp pin & we started to invest time in fixing it, but lets face it, the damn shaft was crimped & bent. After we spent a few hours fixing what got roached..I said, fuck it.

I started calling around to see what a new one would cost.

He is going to call a place that was closed when we got in & see if they can beat what I called & found at Bass Pro Shop. If so, tomorrow, I'm headed South. If not, I'm headed North to buy a new one.

He wanted to spend tomorrow fucking around trying to fix it. Me, I'm like, screw it, I'll buy you a new one. Because Thursday, I want to hit another lake.

We ate fresh fish & drank beer as I tried to find a replacement for our dumb ass mistake.

I smell like my ex wife.....