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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Two Pollocks in a boat.

That is what my sister called me & Dad.

Hey, I assumed he pulled the trolling motor up & sitting in the back of the boat & running it up on the trailer, I didn't see that it was still in the water.

I didn't go to Bass Pro Shop & get another one today, because a dealer closer to us said they could order one & have it tomorrow for the same price. So the old man took the old one off the boat & had to chisel off the mounting bolts, because they had been on there for quite a while & he stripped them, trying to get them out.

So, tomorrow, I will head South to buy a new one when I get the call that it is in. See how the shaft is crimped?

Eating ravioli and peanut butter sandwiches & beer.

Life is good;~)