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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hello October.

The witches are all over. Kind of like a festival of ex wives dancing around with the testicles of all the guys they have emasculated.

One thing I can say, I have a big set of brass balls & no woman, no matter how they tried...ever put them in a jar.

I have friends that have to ask their old ladies to see them occasionally.

Last week, I was talking to some women concerning a situation & one of them said, you are a nice looking guy, but if you were my old man, I would make you shave that hair off of your face. I smiled & told her, sweetheart, that would never happen. Because I have reached the point in my life where no woman could ever "make" me do anything. Besides, if you couldn't put both your legs up over your head, you couldn't handle a man like me anyway.

The other ladies started laughing, but she didn't see the humor in my statement.

Like I give a shit. If I can't bend you like Gumby, I'm not wasting my time.

Yeah, I'm drinking;~)