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Monday, October 31, 2016

I love Halloween.

Because it allows me to have an excuse to act stupid (as opposed every other day)

We had a good time handing out candy, & freaking out some kids as well. My sister is the official candy hand outer, but this year she started drinking & wanted me to take over. Seeing that we weren't going to have as many kids this year, I threw hands full in the buckets & pillow cases.

I actually had one kid, who was there with four others, go back to his car & tell his Mom that I didn't give him as much as the rest. Little shit.

I yelled at him, hey, come back over here & I'll give you some more. (even though he got just as much as the other kids did) & I grabbed a hand full & dumped it in his bucket. No thank you or nothing. (I hope he gets the shits from eating all that candy)

Most of the kids who showed up were pretty nice & polite though & I had lots of them say...I don't what you are, but you sure are scary looking. My Grandson made it by & he was freaked out by my costume. When he was in the car getting ready to leave, I snuck over & scared the shit out of him. He said, REALLY!!