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Sunday, October 16, 2016

In Millstadt.

The whole family trucked off towards the 16th annual chili BBQ cook off in Millstadt today. It was a little different from last year. More competition on chili this year.

They had some White chili (some was good, some sucked) They had gumbo, which wasn't made like we do it, but wasn't bad & the awesome chicken we had last year, didn't quite make it this year. That booth had pork steaks that tasted like they were prepped in shake n bake (a little different)

Mom went, but couldn't make the whole day, so we left early, but still, we consumed quite a lot of good que & cold beer. Andy Banker from Fox 2 was there (his home town) They had a cigar trailer, which was new. And my second cousin scooted in from out of the blue.

I was going to shag some White chili for Pop & smelled some chili from another booth. I had to get some of it.... It was the hottest shit I have had. One bite & I had to finish my cold beer. The old man had some & didn't mind the burn, but didn't care for the flavor.

He was in Heaven, because he spent the day eating his fill of pig snoots. I ate some last year, but passed this time (I really don't care for them) I pretty much hung around the Brickhouse booth & downed ribs. It was my sister's first time going & she will probably come back next year.

The people were friendly, the food was great & the live band, rocked well.

What a nice day. I am still enjoying some cold ones....