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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Life is funny at times.

Friday, me & Pop went to Bismark lake & had it pretty much to ourselves. We caught a mess of fish & had a great day. The picture is from Friday's fishing trip.

Today, I saw a post from my cousins daughter, that read that they took my Aunt's ashes (she died Sep. 30th) & sprinkled it in Council Bluff lake, which is in Belgrade Mo. on the 24th of this month.

The problem is, that is not the lake she wanted her ashes dumped into.You see, no one from my Uncle's side of the family, was invited to the services. (that would include me)

My Aunt showed up & other members of his family, when we buried him in May of 2015. Why would we keep his ex wife or children from coming to see him off. Of course, none of his two daughters came, but my Aunt did & some of his Grandkids.

It wasn't long after his burial, my Aunt fell down a flight of stairs & was paralyzed (no one called us, we found out from others that this happened) & a few months later, passed away.  I was close enough to my Aunt, that I knew what her wishes were, & I knew where she wanted her ashes to be spread. But, no one on her side of the family called any of us & told us she had passed. I waited, but then, I saw the obituary & it stated, private funeral, only family members allowed. We never received any information as to service times & found out through the grapevine, that her family, didn't want any of us to come.

Ok, I loved my Aunt & had some good times with her, whatever problems others had & hard feelings, didn't effect me. But I wasn't invited. I made my farewells to her without getting to see her one last time. Her "close" family members, were the ones who were suppose to execute her final wishes. I guess they weren't as close as they thought, because the lake they tossed her ashes into, was not the one that she had happy times camping & fishing with my Uncle.

That lake was Palmer, just outside of Belgrade.

All someone had to do, was ask me on the phone, or even on facebook, what lake she was wanting to be chucked into, & I would have been glad to inform them. Of course, I think she should have been buried alongside of the man she bore two kids by & lived with for over 40 years, but what do I know.

Oh well. The next time I'm fishing at Council Bluff, I will pay my respects. Sorry Aunt Jan, no one asked me.