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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Strange day at the lake.

While we were at the lake today, we were fishing, & I was catching the shit out of fish.

We motored to the other end of the lake & while we were in a cove...I heard this noise in the woods & saw this dog standing at the edge of the water. He was just standing there looking at us & I didn't think anything more about him.

We pulled anchor & went up around the bend & dropped anchor & a little while later, the dog showed up again on the edge of the bank. I told the old man...That dog is going to jump in the water & come to us. ( I could see it in his eyes) Pops was like, no, that is someones dog, he is just checking us out.... Then in the water he went & he started swimming towards our boat. We were a pretty far distance from the bank, but on he came...Until he got to our boat & he started swimming around, trying to find a way in.

The old man grabbed him up & we started heading towards the dock. He tried to climb in my lap as I was running the engine, but Dad got him to go up front & he held him, till we reached the dock.

Pop always keeps some dog food in his truck, for situations like this & he took him up & fed him. He had a collar on & after Dad fed him, he started trotting off up the road, like he knew where he was going. Pop thinks, somehow, he got on the other side of the lake & couldn't figure out how to get back across, because it looked like he belonged to someone. But who knows. He certainly wasn't afraid of swimming a far distance to get to our boat.

We went back to the lake & caught more fish.

I just got in, & I'm spunt. I smell like fish, wet dog & funk, but I had a great day.