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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sunnen lake.

We caught a mess of bluegill & in this picture, there is a minx running along the bank.

Didn't have as much of a productive day as we have in the past, but who cares. I'm not wallowing in crackhead calls & that makes it just as sweet a day.

I disappeared into the back woods today & hunted up some old headstones for some folks who live out of state. Was sitting around drinking some cold ones & shooting the shit with the old man & we saw an owl drop down & snatch up some prey & fly off. Silent as the night.

This morning, I had a freaking weird dream about my last wife. I'm guessing there is some unresolved issues there. It was erotic & I woke up all depressed. Had to just pull a Houdini & get away from everyone for awhile. I'm thinking it had something to do with the old man telling me I need to get busy & get remarried & have a boy. I liked to shit when he said that.

I told him, well, you need to talk to your daughter, because I'm never going to go through the hell of a woman making my life suck again.....Ever.

The days of me giving all & getting nothing but shit are over. Take that to the bank Clyde.