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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Been a hard day...

Emperor of the North pops into my head every time I see a big old beautiful train.

I deal with people & their crap every day, but while they may try to derail me, my train runs on a completely different track.

I took a fan to this gals room the other night. I was really busy, but I set it up, fixed her thermostat & got her all set up & comfortable. She had to be pushing 90 & she smiled & said, you have made me so happy, I'll dance at your wedding. I smiled & said, sweetheart, if you ever see me doing something stupid like getting married again, please feel free to shoot me in the head. Then, dance like no one is watching.

She laughed & told me that some woman is missing a catch of their lifetime. I then helped her into bed & told her, well, I am partial to older women who are always hot. She laughed again & said, I'll be dancing at your wedding. I told her if she needed anything at all, just ask for me & I would take care of her.

I didn't have the heart to tell her I'll cut a rug with you in Heaven, because if you're waiting to trip the light fantastic at my got a long ass wait.