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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Crackhead watch.

I would rather be sitting around a nice fire, drinking a cold one. But alas, I was playing the game of, who can be the biggest dumb ass to call in something stupid.

I also spent a majority of the night, plucking lost people off of floors & taking them to where they needed to be. A million dollars of signs that tell you everything except perhaps one that should say, you are too stupid to read this sign. Even in braille.

After about the tenth couple I helped, one of the ladies asked me if I encounter this situation often. I told her, why yes, as a matter of fact, on the weekends, I carry extra food in my pockets, because I have found lost & starving people in the bowels of the building. She actually believed that, so I didn't bother to correct her perspective. I should have took them to the... I can't say, it might compromise my social media policy. (it was a funny response though, trust me)

So, no fire, but I did fire up my furnace for the first time when I got in & I am drinking a cold one, so close enough.