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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Elevator from Hell.

Thank God they don't pipe it in the elevators at work, but they do in the main lobby & at other spots. I hear this stuff & my mind goes back to the good days of KSHE radio, when they use to play that game.

Me & a friend were reminiscing about how good that station use to be. These days, two songs... five minutes of commercials. Even when you are trying to catch some news, they throw commercials in there as well. On all St. Louis stations. KDHX is about the only one that plays a fair amount of tunes, before tossing in some.

The only problem with that station, is you have to be listening at the right time to catch anything you might like. Otherwise, it can be a crappy ride to work. I drop too many f bombs when I listen to talk radio & just when I find a good religious station, with someone I like listening to, they change their time slot.

I just stick with the old reliable personal cd's when I want to jam these days. No commercials & no crap.

That's how life should be.